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Web Design & Development Company in Sri Lanka.

Our web design solutions help you get more traffic, more leads & more sales!

We use web designing as a digital marketing strategy not only to make your website user-friendly but also to achieve Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While developing your website, we focus on the audience, the purpose of designing the website and the quality of our output. Ceycoder is one of the most trusted names for web design Sri Lanka. Being the best web design company in Sri Lanka, we guarantee 100% client’s satisfaction.

Our Work

How We Do

A unique web design and development process that delivers fast online presence for your business

  • Discover
  • Strategy Development
  • Design
  • Development
  • SEO
  • Launch

In order to get a clear understanding of your company we start off with a customer requirement analysis to develop a digital audit solution.

By starting our web design and development process through this procedure it enables us to discuss your requirements face-to-face and come up with the best web design solutions by our website design and development company in Sri Lanka.

Next, we analyze the market competition prevailing in the industry. We operate thorough research on the prevailing competitors, with the purpose of being stronger in reaching the target audience through our web design company in Sri Lanka.

When we create a website, we focus on search engine optimization. Before the content writing, we search for keywords that eventually will bring your website at the top of search results on the internet.

By interpreting the digitally unique features of your company that withstand from other companies in the market, our web design company creates a top rating website for you.

Based on the information we have gathered at the discovery stage; the strategy will be developed to outperform the market competition.

As one of the best development companies in Sri Lanka, we follow a strategy development that maximizes user experience.

Our effective web design solutions increase the traffic that flows to your website.
We consider the technical innovations and future market trends when compiling the strategy of our web design for your website.

By understanding the market needs and being updated with the market trends, our web design team develops the strategy to your website or app to overcome the existing problems and to reach the highest market approachable.

This is the step where the strategy that we have developed for your website will be applied.

As the best web design company in Sri Lanka, by following the strategy development, we meet up to the best of user interface and user experience standards through the creative web designs that we produce.

When designing the perfect website or app, we design it to optimize user-friendliness, letting your customers find the details that they require easily.

Our web design company creates appealing web designs where the user is tempted to stay longer on the website, which makes the google bot to place the website on the top of the search engine.

As we create handwritten W3C standard coding, we produce bespoke web designs that are unique per design and per web site.

Unlike the majority of the web and app development companies in Sri Lanka, Ceycoder uses the handwritten codes by our software engineers rather than using traditional code templates for the websites.

As a result of giving life to your website through hand typed codes, the end result will be a light weighed and speedy web page without errors or unwanted codes.

As a well-reputed web design company in Sri Lanka, our skilled software engineers produce W3C coding in order to create bespoke web designs that are unique per design and support any browser.

The SEO friendly coding that we follow matches the search engines during a short period of time and is set to the standard of mobile responsiveness.

Thereby, the web site designs that we produce as one of the best web design companies in Sri Lanka will have no problems in reaching a wider customer base.

As a leading web design and development company in Sri Lanka, before starting on the website content, a keyword search is operated pinning the keywords searched by your customers on the internet.

Thereby, the content that our copywriters write are embedded with sufficient keywords for SEO ultimately bringing exactly the target audience to the website.

Our web design and web development process is enriched with SEO solutions and we look for the best use of SEO friendly structure for our solutions.

As one of the best web design companies in Sri Lanka, we assure that our solutions come up in the organic searches within the least period of time.

Before the final step of the web design and development process, we direct your website that we created to a quality assurance test where we check the website responsiveness in cross browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and so on to fix any issues if present.

Then we check in responsive devices namely mobile phones, tablets, desktops, large screen and etc. for any errors.

By the time we launch your site, it would be an error-free, high-quality website.

Each and every website and app that we have designed and developed has made us the leading web design company in Sri Lanka among the best web development companies in Sri Lanka.

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Here is how Ceycoder is going to be your partner in web design and digital marketing strategy. When you meet us, you would be excited to work with us just as much as we are to work with you!

  • First, we would have a talk about your business, your current place in the market and where you desire to be.
  • Next, we investigate your competitors. We would find their weaknesses and compare them with your strengths to find how you could shine brighter in the market!
  • Then, we would identify your target market; what are they demanding? How could we influence your potential market audience?
  • We would then develop the strategy to meet and exceed your market expectations.
  • We do all this while you sit back and watch us create a brand name for you!

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