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Ceycoder The Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka

Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka

Ceycoder Private Limited is a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka that offers a full spectrum of digital marketing services to cater Sri Lankan market as well as offshore markets. Ceycoder offers a range of digital marketing services including web design & development, ecommerce platforms, content marketing services, SEO solutions, social media marketing, creative designing, logo designing, social media advertising, PPC advertising, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, digital branding, online reputation management, conversion rate optimization & many more. Being one of the top digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka, Ceycoder ensures that we study & understand customer’s digital business environment & digital market competition thoroughly before crafting a digital strategy that achieves corporate goals of our clients.

Ceycoder’s unique resource is the team of professionally qualified digital marketing experts. With a number of years industry experience in the field of digital marketing in Sri Lanka & overseas, we assure that our clients get the industry best digital marketing solution for their digital marketing requirements. We help various companies in different industries from all over the world to achieve their business goals through powerful digital marketing strategies. As the best digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka, our cost effective digital marketing services will outperform your competition & boost your online presence. We help our clients to grow online leads and generate more sales.

What is Digital Marketing?

The definition of “Digital Marketing,” can be explained as data driven and targeted brand promotions using all forms of digital media channels available in the internet. These digital media channels should be carefully selected to match with your products & your customer audiences. At Ceycoder, our digital marketing campaigns are logically structured and strategically focused to reach the targeted audience who search your products & services. We don’t believe on guesswork. Data driven strategies are implemented and tested to find the best digital marketing solution that suit to achieve your corporate objectives. We monitor results real time and implement strategic adjustments immediately.

Role of Ceycoder as a Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka

Our digital marketing approach focuses on a wide spectrum of areas including market competition, customer buying behavior patterns; new technologies and many more. We audit your brand’s current digital performances first, in order to identify the gaps. Then we benchmark industry best global practices and develop a powerful strategy that suits your corporate objectives. We closely work with our clients & assist them to set measurable digital marketing goals, in order to achieve their corporate digital marketing objectives.

When developing a digital marketing strategy for any client, the first thing we do is, understand exactly who your ideal customer is and the key stage of your consumer’s buying process. After identifying your customer touchpoints, we develop digital marketing strategies to connect your brand’s unique selling propositions with your ideal customer using a mix of digital marketing channels best suit to your ideal customer personas.

Ceycoder as the best digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka, will work extensively on all possible digital marketing channels to improve your brand’s digital presence. Our experienced & qualified digital marketing experts will do everything to position your brand as the market leader in your industry sector, by creating appealing content that leads to drive traffic & generate conversions.

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

If you are planning to improve your marketing ROI, the best option is to hire a good digital marketing agency. A good digital marketing agency will work-out different digital marketing strategies to ensure a steady and reliable profit for your investment on marketing. They will continuously engage in testing and reworking their digital marketing strategies, to ensure your moneys are invested on correct digital marketing channels that improve your ROI and increase overall efficacy of online and offline marketing efforts. In order to maintain the balance between your spend on online & offline marketing strategies. best digital marketing agencies will continuously test and monitor the return they generate. A good digital marketing agency will guide you on selecting the best online channels to invest in. They focus on long-term sales growth by driving your brand towards more reach, more leads and more conversions.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka, Ceycoder uses all forms of internet marketing tools as a part of our total digital marketing strategy that targets to reach more qualified and targeted audience. Social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest & Twitter are more efficient & cost effective compared to traditional media channels such as TV & radio. Further these social media channels provide more engagement opportunities to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Key benefits of Ceycoder digital marketing agency services:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Building conversions
  • Building brand reputation
  • Creating a brand identity
  • Positive brand association
  • Improving communication and interaction with key audiences

Ceycoder follows the best digital marketing techniques to execute our most effective digital marketing strategies that improve your overall marketing ROI significantly and ensure corporate objectives are achieved.

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Web Design & App Development


We don't design a typical web solution for you, we create an online platform of more market and faster growth for your business!

Ecommerce Web Development Services in Sri Lanka


Represent your physical store in your own website so that it would be easy-to-navigate and outscoring all your market expectations.

Web Application Development


We design web applications that transform your messy work schedules into an organized one to achieve targets at ease!

Creative Design & Concepts


Your own in-house creative designers to create enough visibility for your brand with authentic concepts and strategies!

Search Engine Optimization Services in Sri Lanka


Be visible to your target audience by positioning your brand in the top rank on search engines in a minimum time frame.

Social Media Marketing Services in Sri Lanka


We don’t just market your business through social media; we create an online platform to drive more sales and traffic to your business!

Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka


It takes a set of genius digital marketing specialists to develop the digital strategy that actually makes an impact on the market!

Online Reputation Management Services in Sri Lanka


Our digital strategies don’t just create brand recognition; they build lifelong relationships between you and your customers!

Our Social Media Marketing



We not only target your customers, we create a brand for you through strategic Facebook marketing.

Linkin Marketing


Ceycoder builds your company in the platform and creates a positive reputation so that you would be seen as industry professionals.

Instagram Marketing


Through Instagram marketing our social media marketing specialists develop your business and gradually raise your conversion rate.

Youtube Marketing


Let’s create a digital platform to place your business in the market with result oriented SEO and creative content !

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Ceycoder is a top-ranking digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka, which is well armed with a synergy of all the digital marketing skills like Digital Branding, Content Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, UI/UX Designing, Data Analysis and Social Media Marketing. Our clients experience a promising market for their online visibility and brand awareness by outscoring the competition. If it is digital marketing Sri Lanka, Ceycoder is your best partner...

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